Protecting and enhancing the environment is one of Franchetti’s main objectives, ensuring that processes are optimised and environmental impact is reduced through the use of the latest technologies.

The proposed interventions are adapted to various contexts: industrial, private or public, ensuring solutions that are “tailor-made” for the customer in accordance with the Italian and international standards applicable to the sector, while introducing added value.


Experience gained over the years and continuous vocational training means that Franchetti’s professionals are a continuously evolving team with a high problem-solving ability, applicable to the various contexts examined.

Some of Franchetti’s professionals are also members of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Landscape Heritage protection Commissions.

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA);
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);
  • Environmental Aspect Assessment (EAA);  
  • Landscape reporting;
  • Water management compatibility;
  • Design of rainwater drainage networks; 
  • Environmental feasibility studies;
  • Excavated earth and rock usage plans;
  • Noise impact prediction reports;
  • Environmental assistance and consulting for obtaining environmental permits, both specific and general (waste, atmospheric emissions, industrial wastewater discharge and groundwater);
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and aligning supplier quotations;
  • Chemical analysis plans on environmental matrices according to authorisation requirements;
  • Air quality monitoring campaign planning;
  • Potentially contaminated site characterisation plans;
  • Site-specific risk analysis;
  • Technical consultancy for census, assessment and monitoring of asbestos-containing materials;
  • Calculation of the Degradation Index (D.I.) for external roofs;
  • Application of the Versar algorithm for asbestos-containing structures inside buildings;
  • Planning and management of odorous emission monitoring campaigns through dynamic olfactometry;
  • Odorous impact reports and development of odour dispersion models.


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